i tear myself into pieces;

and grow out stronger and colder

thou hadst a whore's forehead
Sunbury, Ohio, United States
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People call me Megan, Meg, Shmeggie, Megumi Bear, Smalls and Whore. I'm approximately 21 years of age and a lesbian. I drink and smoke on occasion. I consider myself a realist, but others probably think I'm negative. I have a passion for truth, creative art, and music. I laugh at most things, if not everything. Sometimes humor is all that can save you. I want to have asian babies and live in Japan. I'm addicted to coffee. I love redheads. I want to have asian redheaded babies. I'm only 5 feet tall. I have Raynauds Disease. I'm basically an atheist. I believe that my cat was sent to me from Satan himself. I don't know what I want to do with my life (ok, I'd like to be a photographer).