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That Plucky Young Girl... - (w/ Agatha Christie | Light R)
To The Stars - (w/ Agatha Christie | NC-17)
Femslash, She Wrote - (w/ Agatha Christie | NC-17)
The Terrible Twos (Months, That Is) - (w/ Jenny | Light R)
Star Girl - (w/ Jenny | NC-17)

What More Could She Want? - (w/ Lucy Saxon | Light NC-17)
Feeling Like A Princess - (w/ Lucy Saxon | NC-17)
Let The Rain - (w/ River Song | NC-17)
Going Down - (w/ River Song | NC-17)
In Every Universe - (w/ Rose Tyler | R)
Ready or Not / 2 / 3 - (w/ Rose Tyler | NC-17)
Intermezzo Course - (w/ Rose Tyler | NC-17)
Sublimation - (w/ Rose Tyler/Bad Wolf | NC-17)
Lost Memory - (w/ Rose Tyler | NC-17)

In Every Universe - (w/ Rose Tyler | Light R)
Just His Type - (w/ Jack Harkness | NC-17 | Ficlet)
As If They Thought of Rain - (w/ Ace | NC-17)
The Rush - (w/ Lady Christina | R)
Excessive - (w/ motherfucking everyone | Warnings: Cracky, Mild BDSM)
Time and Curry Chicken - (w/ Sally Sparrow | Light R)
Rest and Relaxation - (w/ Martha Jones | NC-17)
The Companions - (w/ Martha Jones | NC-17)
Girls' Night Out, Girls' Night In - (w/ Martha Jones | NC-17)
What Wouldn't Jack Do Might Be A Better Motto - (w/ Martha Jones | NC-17)
A Package For Miss Noble / 2 - (w/ Martha Jones | NC-17)
Thanks for the Memories - (w/ Sarah Jane Smith | NC-17)

Spotlight - (w/ Ianto Jones | NC-17)
Teach me - (w/ various/Jenny | R)
Library Sex - (w/ Miss Evangelista | NC-17)

 Donna/+2 (Threesome or something close)
The Real Thing - (Donna/Doctor/Jack | NC-17)
Trapped In A Closet - (Donna/Rose + Doctor | NC-17 | Warnings: Voyeurism, Masturbation)
The TARDIS Is A Three-Seater - (Donna/Rose/Doctor | NC-17)
Re-Discovering Astrid - (Donna/Astrid Peth/Doctor | NC-17)

Potential Resolutions of Sexual Tension: A Story in Four Fragments - (Donna/Martha/Doctor | NC-17 | Warnings: Cracky)
Flexible - (Donna/River/Doctor | NC-17)
Borrowed Time / 2 / 3 / 4 - (Donna/Doctor/Duplicate | NC-17)
Taking Turns / 2 / 3 / 4 - (Donna/Doctor/Martha | NC-17)
Better With Three / 2 / 3 / 4 - (Donna/Rose/Doctor | NC-17)

♔ Donna/Duplicate Doctor
Summa - (R)
Earth, 2008 - (NC-17)

Routine - (NC-17)
Balancing Act - (NC-17 | Multi-Chapter)
Triskele - (NC-17 | Warnings: Dark, Dub-con)
Buried - (NC-17 | Multi-Chapter)
Twisted Reality - (NC-17 | Multi-Chapter)
Grande Valse Highlandia - (R)
You Are Playing With Fire / Part 2 - (R)
Fire - (NC-17)
The Square Root of Pi - (R)
Oil and Water - (NC-17 | Multi-Chapter)
The Reddest of Poppies - (NC-17)
Wander Lust - (NC-17 | Warnings: BDSM)
Rent Boy - (NC-17)
Quid Pro Quo - (NC-17)
Time Well Served - (NC-17)
What Best Friends Do - (NC-17)
Frisk - (NC-17)
Distracted from the Tickle Hunt - (Light R)
The Wrong Kind of Spice / 2 / 34 / 5 / 6 - (NC-17 | Unfinished)
Just Let It Sink In / 2 / 3 / 4 - (NC-17)
I'm Sorry - (NC-17)
Breaking Barriers - (NC-17 | Ficlet)
Comfort - (NC-17 | Ficlet)
Mate - (NC-17 | Ficlet)
Assumptions, Assumptions - (NC-17)
Performance Anxiety - (NC-17)
Kinkmeme: Snapping Makes Donna Come - (NC-17 | Warnings: Non-con)
A Most Ridiculous Situation - (NC-17)
Nor Flux Nor Wither Nor Change Their State - (NC-17 | Warnings: D/s, kinda cracky)
Bed, Bath & Beyond - (NC-17)
Mirrors, Cupboards and Midnight Blue Silk - (NC-17)
Moments Like This - (NC-17)
Angry Sex - (NC-17 | Warnings: Rough sex, Dub-con)
Special Alone Time - (NC-17 | Warnings: Masturbation)

Love Thyself - (NC-17 | Warnings: Masturbation)
Black Lace - (Light R)
Pleasure Planet - (NC-17)
The Hypothetical Love Affair - (R)
I Lust You - (NC-17)
Porn 3.0 (R | Warnings: Cracky as fuck)
Bowing to the Inevitable - (NC-17)
Men Are From Mars / 2 - (NC-17)
Toffee Pudding - (NC-17)
Advantage Miss Noble - (NC-17)

Eric/Pam | Kiss

I miss you. =(

Just sitting here, avoiding sleep by going through old texts of hers. It's only been 7 days but it feels longer.

I don't know when I'm going to get to talk to her again... or if I ever will. I don't know what's going on right now. She said she was okay, but of course, I don't really know. I don't know how I'd be able to handle it if I just never heard from her again.

I should have been there for her more. I should have made her talk to me.
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Pam | Fangs (Blue)

Cause I felt like it and I do what I want!

I’m going to explain how I feel about them in fandom terms:

I ship them. I hope they’re fucking. Not only that, but I hope they fuck each other to death. TO DEEEEEEEEEEEEEATH.

Ignore everything before me saying I hope they fuck each other to death, cause that’s the only truth in that entire statement.

I also loathe that I took time out to color correct this image and make it all fancy. I’m vain like that. Even when it comes to people I despise.

And I got the idea to talk about them as if there’s a fandom somewhere out there that ships them (actually, I’m sure there is now) because I just heard Bachmann say to hundreds (god, I hope it wasn’t thousands) of people at a rally today that she finds Palin to be beautiful inside. It just screamed, “Wow, I bet there’s someone out there who just squealed at that statement.” for me.

And they did not deserve this big of a post from me. Not one bit. I’ve already failed.
Pam | Fangs (Blue)

(no subject)

Thank you for being there when I needed someone and no one else was willing to listen to me. For listening to me cry for 30 minutes on end about something stupid.

Thank you for making me laugh when I needed it. And always telling me the truth.

Thank you for the good times... I'll always remember them no matter how many bad ones were mixed in between.

I'm sorry we didn't talk much the past few months. Truthfully I can't even recall why we stopped talking for the... probably the third time. And for the third time, it was probably over something stupid, and I'm sorry about that. I'm sorry we had our differences and let them keep us at a distance. I know it's not all my fault, but part of it was.

There's other things I could say, but I had just stopped crying and I know if I go into it more I'll start up again.

I always felt like you were there for me, even when we weren't speaking to each other.

I'll miss you. I hope you're at peace now.

- Love, ShuShu Kitty.
Pam | Fangs (Blue)

I was cracking up, ngl.

Funky (8:31:48 PM): goto work for me
dementria (8:31:49 PM): cause i is tired
dementria (8:31:55 PM): =(
Funky (8:31:57 PM): i dont wanna work for kanya west anymore
dementria (8:32:00 PM): i would if i weren't tired
dementria (8:32:04 PM): LOL
dementria (8:32:09 PM): kanyE west is your boss
dementria (8:32:12 PM): sounds amazing
dementria (8:32:38 PM): does he steal your awards and tell you that your co-worker had a better music video?
Funky (8:32:48 PM): ^
dementria (8:32:52 PM): LOL wtf
Funky (8:33:01 PM): that and i dont understand a gawd damn word he is saying
dementria (8:33:13 PM): Well you don't know black, so
dementria (8:33:15 PM): just asian
Funky (8:33:20 PM): i know some black
Funky (8:33:21 PM): like
Funky (8:33:22 PM): sup money
Funky (8:33:24 PM): and dog
Funky (8:33:25 PM): son
Funky (8:33:26 PM): yo
Funky (8:33:31 PM): homeslice
dementria (8:33:34 PM): That's the basics, yes
Funky (8:33:34 PM): hizzy
Funky (8:33:37 PM): shit like that
Funky (8:33:54 PM): its funny
Funky (8:34:00 PM): asian spoon place
Funky (8:34:02 PM): to
Funky (8:34:06 PM): africa stalking
Funky (8:34:12 PM): i just cant win
Deb | Blood slide


Omg, my childhood babysitter added my mom on Facebook a few days ago. =X I have one of her kids (her daughter, cause we were "friends" when we were little) on there, but she didn't have her mom listed in her info so I was like, YAY, I'M SAFE FROM THAT CRAZY BITCH. But no, apparently I am not safe.

I also just saw that one of my other childhood friends that also had her as a babysitter added her as a friend today. My days... are SO numbered.

I kind of want to blame her for every weird compulsion or anxiety I feel as an adult. I feel like she's the sole cause of how most of my mind works and why I am the way that I am.

She fucked me up, k?

She was scary. And yet I had some kind of weird crush on her when I was a kid. I constantly sought her approval and attention. I'm starting to think I had Stockholm syndrome or something. Cause that bitch was MEAN. She terrified and humiliated me more times than I can count. I was a sensitive kid. I cried a lot. She had a bad temper and was just mean for really retarded reasons.

I remember once she was making kool-aid and had me try it cause she wasn't sure if she put enough sugar in. So I try it and it tasted really nasty, meaning not enough sugar, so I spit out it in the kitchen sink. She YELLED at me like she was having the worst PMS ever for spitting in the KITCHEN SINK and claimed I should have done it in the BATHROOM SINK. LOL I remember this was when she had another babysitter helping her... cause Carrie (my babysitter) babysat like 14 kids. This was her primary income. So she had like, an "assistant" babysitter to help her. This girl was like... maybe 18-20. She was young. But I remember the younger girl looking at Carrie like she was a fucking psycho for yelling at me about spitting in the kitchen sink. That made me feel a little better knowing someone else thought Carries attitude was uncalled for and I wasn't a "bad kid" or whatever. lol

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