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Cause I felt like it and I do what I want!

I’m going to explain how I feel about them in fandom terms:

I ship them. I hope they’re fucking. Not only that, but I hope they fuck each other to death. TO DEEEEEEEEEEEEEATH.

Ignore everything before me saying I hope they fuck each other to death, cause that’s the only truth in that entire statement.

I also loathe that I took time out to color correct this image and make it all fancy. I’m vain like that. Even when it comes to people I despise.

And I got the idea to talk about them as if there’s a fandom somewhere out there that ships them (actually, I’m sure there is now) because I just heard Bachmann say to hundreds (god, I hope it wasn’t thousands) of people at a rally today that she finds Palin to be beautiful inside. It just screamed, “Wow, I bet there’s someone out there who just squealed at that statement.” for me.

And they did not deserve this big of a post from me. Not one bit. I’ve already failed.
Tags: michele bachmann, sarah palin
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