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and grow out stronger and colder

Braces at 22. Wonderful!
GaGa | Vodka
So my mom is finally getting me braces. =| Only about 10 years late on that one, but I'm grateful. LOL She said she's going to make my dad pay for half the expenses, but that he doesn't know about it yet. -cue my mom laughing evilly- Can't wait to see how that goes over. >_> My dad doesn't seem to want to pay for any of my shit lately (like my car, for example), so I have a creeping feeling that he's going to be all "wtf?" when she tells him about this. But honestly, I don't care, cause I should have had braces put on 10 years ago. I know my mom sees it like that too, that they both pretty much owe me this since it was something they always planned on doing then just never did. lol

But I'm definitely ready for braces. I don't care how much it's gonna hurt or annoy me, or cause me to lose sleep. My teeth are a major self-confidence issue with me, so having my teeth fixed would help me loads in that department. lol
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My coffee/espresso maker broke. fml. =(

Now I'm looking online for a new coffee maker... and I'm kind of excited. lol

It's Christmas Tiiiiiime
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Christmas Eve at my grandmas was good this year. Why? Because she put out hard liquor cause she claimed she wanted to "get rid of some of it". Well, I got rid of some of it for you, grandma. =D lol I got kind of progressively more drunk as the night went on, even though I stopped drinking after an hour of being there. Idek what happened. lol I had vodka and some rum. Oh how I have missed vodka. ♥

I spilt vodka on my pants. =(Collapse )

Christmas morning was good, too. Got up at like 5:45am as usual. We get up early to open gifts. lol We like to do it when it's still dark out for whatever reason. It just doesn't feel right otherwise.

I got pretty much everything that I asked for, which was nice. Since I don't really feel like talking about what I got, I have pictures. :3

gifts gifts giftssssCollapse )

Annnnndddd Paul using a remote control car to chase Chance around the house with. lol

It's just a stupid phone call!
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I want to be happy on my birthday/Christmas, right? So why can't I pick up a fucking phone? What do I think is going to happen, like, seriously? That a knife is going to rip through the receiver and slice my ear off? lol

Sorry, I'm just talking to myself. >_> Or trying to rationalize with myself, really.


I can't write.
GaGa | Vodka
I have no idea. Was just playing with words. None of it will make complete sense to anyone but me. =P And that's how I wanted it.

How I covet the
Pools of red.

Stream awakens
Inside the shell.

Memories kept
Beautiful sight.

Then to see
Washed away.


Fixed it is
Strapped down.

But felt.

Pools of red
I covet.

new icons and such
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Just a little extra promotion for my icon journal. =P

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[14] Lady GaGa
[26] Dexter
- 4x12
- 1x06

more here

All Dexter, all the time.
Deb | Blood slide
I'm on such a big Dexter kick right now that I realized... I'm re-watching season 1 and reading Darkly Dreaming Dexter (which is the first book of the series) AT THE SAME TIME. =|
The first book is pretty much exactly like season 1 of the tv show. There's a few differences I've noticed, but nothing huge so far.

And even after realizing what I'm doing... here I am, sitting at the computer with some Cheez-Its watching 1x06: "Return to Sender", while I also fully intend to read more of the book later tonight.

I need help. LOL

Also, I was at the mall yesterday and some guy working at a shoe store hit on me. Even though I am obviously not into guys, I kinda left feeling good cause usually people mistake me for a teenager. =P In other words, I don't get hit on much by people my age.
Then immediately as I was walking to another store, a young, Hispanic woman that worked at a little hair clip stand - who I could barely understand cause her accent was very thick - asked me how old I was. She had to ask me like 5 times cause I couldn't understand her, LOL, but once I got it I told her I was 21 and she said I looked 16. -___- Although, THAT kinda made me feel good too cause I am going to be 22 in 6 days and I feel so very old now. =( I am seriously starting to think about wrinkles and wanting to buy an array of face creams.

I can only hope people are still mistaking me for someone who is 6-7 years younger when I am older.

/wrist /wrist /wrist
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LOTS & LOTS OF SPOILERRRRSSS & a really big wall o' text!Collapse )

photography time
Pam | Fangs (Blue)
Since I am trying to kill free time while waiting for Dexter to magically appear on the interwebs, I decided to post these pictures I took recently.

Yeah, I am sitting on a toilet. Don't worry, the seat is down and I have... leggings on. Aka the 'Lindsay Lohan' look. =P

full size images under here ♥Collapse )

Pam | Fangs (Blue)
I'm waiting very very impatiently for the finale of Dexter to be put online right now! It's been so hard to not get spoiled cause I'm always on Twitter and lots of the people on my list watch it. lol

But omg, I'm starting to get SO FUCKING WORRIED cause someone said in a tweet that they are never going to watch Dexter again after the finale and I was like, O.O BUT WHY?! I also heard that... SPOILER-ISHCollapse )

And while I'm at it, NEW LAYOUT → dementria dementria dementria


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